The $250 Comedy Sketch Sound Special

I love comedy! Are you part of a comedy team that wants to film short-form content? Introducing the $250 Comedy Sketch Sound Special. I will record high-quality production sound for your sketch, or whatever you got that’s similar to a sketch, for up to one day of filming, for only $250. I want to support those young comedy groups that don’t have a lot of resources. You realize how important sound is for your production. You can mess up the lighting in a shot or two, you can leave a water bottle in the background by accident, and your costumes may not be spot on. But if your sound is messed, it’s over, man, game over. This is near 50% off what a normal day rate for audio would be. Don’t let all your work and creativity go to waste! Interested? I’d love to hear from you!

Some limitations may apply. For instance, if your cast has twenty actors, I’m not going to individually lav everyone in a single wide shot. Et cetera, et cetera.