Post Production

I started editing in order to finish my own projects. Goal #1 is story: find the beats, those highlights and lowlights, and make them as clear as possible to an audience. Next, emphasize the mood and sharpen the emotional resonance of a piece. Do it through pacing, shot selection, and sequence construction, as well as sound design, visual effects, and music. Be it a commercial, a drama, an interview, or a training video, somewhere there’s a message and a narrative. My job is to express it.

Primarily I’m a Premiere user but I’m familiar with Avid, Resolve, and Final Cut.

As an Assistant Editor, I handle all the business related to preparation, support, deliverables, and communication that enables the Editors and their activities. Logging, syncing, shot selects, grouping, turnarounds, tech support, exporting, and many other tasks are part of the AE milieu.   » Read More